Bankruptcy Plano TX

Understanding The Role Of The Bankruptcy Trustee

When it comes to bankruptcy proceedings, many different individuals are involved in the process: the debtor, the creditor, often the debt collector, and, of course, the bankruptcy trustee. However, many individuals fail to understand the role of the bankruptcy trustee. Below is some information to explain what role the trustee plays in all bankruptcy proceedings. … Read more

Considering Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? 3 Important Benefits to Know

If you have recently lost a main source of income due to unemployment, injury, or a medical condition or you have become overwhelmed by debt and expenses, filing chapter 13 bankruptcy may be right for you. Chapter 7 liquidates your debts, which is extremely helpful for most people, but not everyone will qualify for this … Read more

Should I File for Divorce or Bankruptcy?

Money is easily one of the biggest causes for divorce as finances can make or break a marriage. It should not be surprising that divorce and bankruptcy are often connected. One either precedes the other or shortly follows. Many couples wonder if they should wait to file for bankruptcy together before going towards divorce, or … Read more

Bankruptcy vs. Credit Counseling

I have a tremendous percentage of my clients who come to me after having tried some type of credit counseling program.  The reaction is always the same — “I should have come to you first.”  The purpose of this post is to give you a sense of how credit counseling works and how a Bankruptcy … Read more

3 Things to Know Before Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy can be an overwhelming experience, but proper understanding and professional guidance can make the process of filing chapter 13 bankruptcy easier. If you are considering filing chapter 13, use this guide to help you go through the process in a financially savvy and successful manner. It’s Different from Chapter 7 Most consumers are … Read more

Considering Bankruptcy in Plano TX? Here are Some Things You Need to Know.

Rising debt can be overwhelming, and the prospect of bankruptcy terrifying. Declaring bankruptcy in Plano TX is a heady thing to consider, and it comes with plenty of lasting burdens on your credit. Finding someone to help you through this important decision, or perhaps show you other options, is absolutely essential, because there are many … Read more