Bankruptcy Allen TX

Repayment Options for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Explained

When facing the possibility of filing bankruptcy, one must choose between the chapter 7 and chapter 13 options, depending on their situation. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the “reorganization” chapter in which the debtor maintains control over their assets while gradually repaying their debts through a three to five-year payment plan. Contrarily, Chapter 7 bankruptcy traditionally … Read more

Bankruptcy vs. Credit Counseling

I have a tremendous percentage of my clients who come to me after having tried some type of credit counseling program.  The reaction is always the same — “I should have come to you first.”  The purpose of this post is to give you a sense of how credit counseling works and how a Bankruptcy … Read more

Giving Everything to Your Bankruptcy Attorney in Allen, TX

Filing bankruptcy is not an easy choice. It is also not an easy thing to go through. Because only those bills that you disclose to the court will be discharged, it’s important to go through your credit report and make a list of everything there. Just because you stopped getting bills from bill collectors, that doesn’t mean that the bill … Read more