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Game Plan for the Health Crisis

Developing A Health Crisis Game Plan For Your Finances     Summary  The Health Crisis is causing many people financial distress.  The CARES Act is giving relief by giving consumers and business owners stimulus as well as giving providing options for things like your Mortgage, Eviction Moratoriums, Student Loan Deferment, etc.  Creditors are being proactive and lenient with [...]
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Understanding The Role Of The Bankruptcy Trustee

When it comes to bankruptcy proceedings, many different individuals are involved in the process: the debtor, the creditor, often the debt collector, and, of course, the bankruptcy trustee. However, many individuals fail to understand the role of the bankruptcy trustee. Below is some information to explain what role the trustee plays in all bankruptcy proceedings. […]

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Plano, TX: Mortgages in Chapter 13

Homeowners can solve multiple mortgage problems by filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy in Plano, TX. Many struggle with their mortgages, whether because of loss of income, excessive loan balances, or high-interest rates. Failure to make mortgage payments can lead to foreclosure, which then displaces the family and adds the burden of a deficiency balance after […]

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