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7 Debts That Cannot Be Discharged In A Texas Bankruptcy

For the most part, bankruptcy results in the discharge of debts owed by the person filing the bankruptcy. In a perfect world, the debtor could walk away with a completely clean slate and no debts. However, some simply cannot go away, no matter what type of bankruptcy is being filed. 1. Child Support Or Spousal … Read more

Understanding The Role Of The Bankruptcy Trustee

When it comes to bankruptcy proceedings, many different individuals are involved in the process: the debtor, the creditor, often the debt collector, and, of course, the bankruptcy trustee. However, many individuals fail to understand the role of the bankruptcy trustee. Below is some information to explain what role the trustee plays in all bankruptcy proceedings. … Read more

Bankruptcy Lawyers Plano TX: Candidates for Bankruptcy

If your financial situation seems to be at the base of a steep mountain, talking to reputable bankruptcy lawyers Plano TX can be the solution to conquering the climb. Filing for bankruptcy isn’t going to help everyone’s situation. Make sure you seek sound advice and explore all possible options before diving in. Bankruptcy may be … Read more