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The Pitfalls of a Packet

I was recently at the Chapter 7 meetings of creditors waiting for my clients turn.  The meeting takes place at the Plano Center with many attorneys, along with their clients,  waiting for their turn with the trustee.  You can read more about the meeting in general here.   During this time I witnessed another hearing being […]

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Considering Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? 3 Important Benefits to Know

If you have recently lost a main source of income due to unemployment, injury, or a medical condition or you have become overwhelmed by debt and expenses, filing chapter 13 bankruptcy may be right for you. Chapter 7 liquidates your debts, which is extremely helpful for most people, but not everyone will qualify for this […]

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Plano, TX: Mortgages in Chapter 13

Homeowners can solve multiple mortgage problems by filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy in Plano, TX. Many struggle with their mortgages, whether because of loss of income, excessive loan balances, or high-interest rates. Failure to make mortgage payments can lead to foreclosure, which then displaces the family and adds the burden of a deficiency balance after […]

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