Personal Bankruptcy Plano TX: When Your Debts Aren’t Discharged

Personal Bankruptcy Plano TXIf your financial situation is such that you can no longer pay your bills, you’re probably considering filing for personal bankruptcy in Plano TX.  Although you’ll be able to get out from under most of your debt with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, there are still some some circumstances under which you won’t be able to file for personal bankruptcy in Plano TX and some forms of debt that are nondischargeable – debts you will have to pay even after filing for Chapter 7.If you fail to follow proper bankruptcy procedures and rules, the court may deny your application, which means you won’t be able to discharge any of your debt.  As a debtor, you must abide by the provisions of the bankruptcy code.  If you don’t or you fail to provide all of the information you are asked to provide, one of your creditors or the bankruptcy trustee may object to the entire Chapter 7 discharge.  If the court agrees, it is possible that none of your debts will be discharged, including the normally dischargeable ones.  You must:

– Provide all requested tax documents.

– Complete a course on managing your personal finances.

– Not hide or transfer any money or property if your intent is to defraud you creditors.

– Not hide or destroy any financial records.

– Not commit perjury or commit any fraudulent acts related to your bankruptcy.

– Account for lost assets.

– Not violate court orders.

– Not have previously filed for bankruptcy (within certain timeframes).


Debts that are almost always nondischargeable include:

– Certain taxes

– Debts you owe for alimony and child or spousal support

– Student loans.

– Debts you owe for personal injury caused by you while driving under the influence.

– Debts you owe for certain housing fees (for instance, homeowners association fees).

– Debts you failed to list on the bankruptcy petition.

– Debts you owe to government agencies for fines and penalties.

– Debts you owe to a former spouse (or child) as a result of divorce or separation.

– Debts you owe to some retirement plans.

– Attorneys fees arising from child support or custody cases

– Court fines and penalties (including restitution for a crime).

In addition, there are other debts that may be deemed non-dischargeable if a creditor successfully petitions the court to do so.

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