Eliminate Medical Bills with a Personal Bankruptcy Lawyer in Plano TX

Personal Bankruptcy Lawyer Plano TXMedical bills can cause a sick or injured individual without prior debt to suddenly need a personal bankruptcy lawyer in Plano TX. The unfortunate truth is that in the United States, most medical insurance is acquired through an employer. In some circumstances, an accident or unexpected ailment can make working impossible, which means medical insurance disappears eventually and there may be no funds remaining to purchase a private insurance plan. Even policyholders can find themselves unable to pay out-of-pocket charges from mounting co-pays or services not covered by a plan. The frightening reality is that an American family living comfortably without debt can find themselves in a position where a catastrophic event leads to medical bills that are simply impossible to manage.

If sudden, out-of-control medical bills are the root of your financial problems, you are likely eligible for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. This type requires you show you do not have the means to pay back unsecured creditors based on current income and other expenses. Chapter 7 bankruptcy helps avoid creditor collection activity, repossession, home foreclosure and accruing interest as a result of unpaid medical bills. Most importantly, you can once again rebuild financial independence and freedom after months or years of living in stressful debt.

At Collins & Arnove, we act as an advocate for our clients experiencing this type of situation. Our experts will review what you owe in medical bills and help you decide if filing for bankruptcy – or an alternative solution – is the right option for your case. If you’re in a position where bankruptcy is a serious option, we know you don’t have the luxury to pay for an overpriced personal bankruptcy lawyer in Plano TX. Our professional services include a free consultation and expert legal advice; moreover, Collins & Arnove doesn’t spend money on any unnecessary items that would drive the cost of our services up. We even offer payment plans!

You don’t need to worry about losing your house and other assets if you file for bankruptcy. In addition, it’s unlikely your employer will be notified if you file for bankruptcy, and it is illegal to be fired solely for that reason. We know there are plenty of myths about filing for bankruptcy and life after bankruptcy, but our company can help you resolve these. We can help you rebuild your credit and even partner with another law firm to monitor your credit during the recovery process and make sure creditors abide by the law. This service is free to you! Call Collins & Arnove’s personal bankruptcy lawyers in Plano TX at 972-516-4255 for trusted help eliminating medical debt and regaining financial stability.

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