Drowning in Debt: Find a Personal Bankruptcy Lawyer in Plano TX

Personal Bankruptcy Lawyer Plano TXAre your bills are piling up to the point where there’s no more space in the mail box? Has your company recently downsized, and it’s been harder to meet your financial obligations? Does it feel like you are struggling just trying to make minimum payments, with interest piling up? If you are facing difficult financial situations you are not alone. Many Americans are spending sleepless nights and worried days asking themselves the question; do I need to be looking for a personal bankruptcy lawyer in Plano TX?

If this situation sounds familiar, this quick guide will help you determine if your personal situation is serious enough to require the skill and expertise of a professional. Experts from Fox News have suggested these warning signs that your financial situation may be more than you can handle alone.

1.  You have experienced a very large recent upset or change in your financial life.
If you’ve lost your job, or are about to lose your house due to foreclosure, you may fall into this category. Overwhelming medical bills can also add financial stress. The best thing to do is be honest with yourself in admitting whether or not your problems are too big to fix alone.

2.  Your marriage or other personal relationships are suffering due to added stress.
Any relationship expert will tell you that most marriages end due to arguments over money. Not knowing where those large amounts of capital will come from can add stress into your relationship. Couples often fight over where to cut expenses, or take their frustrations about a hopeless situation out on one another. In the end, finding a  personal bankruptcy lawyer in Plano TX may save you from spending money on a marriage counselor.

3.  You are dipping into your retirement funds or IRA to try and catch up.
Depleting your future to pay for today is always a bad idea. If you are steadily borrowing from accounts that you set up to fund your golden years, you are robbing yourself. Often pulling money out of these types of accounts incurs an extra penalty by way of a hefty fee. This means that you are doubly punishing yourself, and placing your family in a shifty financial position. If you are having to borrow from these types of accounts, it is time to think of a new and more sustainable strategy to deal with your debt.

If any of these scenarios sounds all too familiar, you may be a good candidate for bankruptcy. There are different types to suit different needs and the best advice would be to find a knowledgeable lawyer to meet yours. If you are facing bankruptcy please consider Collins and Arnove. Greg Arnove is board certified in consumer bankruptcy law by both the Texas and American boards of certification. Their combined experience has helped many families in need of a personal bankruptcy lawyer in Plano TX to get out from under the crushing weight of debt, and learn how to live again.  Call their offices today at (972) 516 4255 to schedule a consultation and make a plan to get rid of your debt for good.

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