5 Items To Bring When Consulting With a Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy Attorney Allen TXWhether you lost your job or accumulated an excessive amount of debt that you cannot pay back, meeting with a bankruptcy attorney may be a smart decision. Each person’s finances are different, so your attorney will need to look over various documents to determine if bankruptcy is a viable option for you and your needs. To ensure this consultation is beneficial, you will need to bring the following documents when meeting with your attorney.

Income Statements

The ability to pay debt will require income, so you must provide your attorney with proof of your last 6 months of income. If you have lost your job, you should bring your most recent pay statements and any documents stating you have or are collecting unemployment benefits.

No matter if you are filing sole bankruptcy or filing jointly, your spouse will also need to provide statements verifying their income.

If applicable, your income statements should show standard and overtime pay, commission, and tips. Bring proof of income generated from retirement accounts, social security, and rental properties, as well. Documents must also show any required child support, alimony, or judgments that are deducted from your income.

Expense Statements

Your bankruptcy attorney will also need proof of your living expenses. Statements regarding your monthly rent or mortgage, utility bills, transportation costs, insurance fees, taxes, child support or alimony, pet care costs, charitable contributions, and any expenses related to your employment.

Your attorney will conduct a simple credit check for a better understanding of your debt, but you should also bring in the monthly statements from credit cards, auto loans, and other credit accounts.

Bank Statements

Copies of your checking, savings, 401k, Roth IRAs, and other account statements are also important documents to show your attorney. These documents will be matched up with your income and expense statements, ensuring your attorney is able to help you through the bankruptcy process in an effective and affordable manner.

Tax Returns

Your tax returns are also imperative documents your attorney will need during your bankruptcy consultation. Make sure to bring in hard copies of the your tax returns from the last 2 years.

If you have not filed your taxes within the last two years, you must start the process as soon as possible.


You and your spouse will also need to bring in identification. Make sure to bring a picture ID, such as your driver’s license. In addition, your social security card will also be required.

Preparation and organization are important steps to consider when filing bankruptcy. To learn more, contact a bankruptcy attorney from Collins & Arnove in the Allen, TX area at 972-516-4255.

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