Why Choose Us?

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We Make Becoming Debt Free Hassle Fee

Our process is hassle free for one main reason: one on one attention. We don’t have huge packets for you to fill out. I ask for some financial documents (generally taxes and paycheck stubs) and then generally do your case by asking you questions. Compare this to most attorneys who have you fill out long packets and have their assistants actually do your case. Doing it this way accomplishes 2 main things: (1) it a makes it easy on you because you don’t have to spend hours on a packet; and (2) it allows me to be extremely familiar with your entire case allowing me to spot any issues before we file the case. It is not uncommon for me to be able to do the case with our client during our initial consultation.

Make Your Own Appointment Online

You can use our handy online scheduler to make your own appointment without picking up the phone. Just click on the blue “Schedule Consultation” button at the very bottom right of your screen. We will e-mail you more details after you make your own appointment so you know what to expect.


We have over 35 years of combined experience and have handles thousands of cases. We have seen it all and have experienced any and all issues that could come up in a case. We routinely get referrals from other Bankruptcy attorneys in town to do more complex cases.

Free Consultation

We offer a free and friendly consultation with an attorney. The large firms in town generally have a dedicated “sales” person to do your consultations. We will also give you a few minutes on the phone to go over your situation before you commit (we understand your time is valuable).

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is generally about $300 to $500 lower than our competitors. Attorney fees for cases are public information that needs to be disclosed. Our office routinely checks these fees to make sure we are lower. We operate more efficiently and can charge less. This goes hand in hand with being “hassle free” as explained above.

Payment Plans

We offer payment plans. No case and no individual situation is the same. You’ll need to contact us to get specifics on what we can do for you.

Highly Reviewed

Check out our reviews to see what our past clients have to see about us!

Board Certified

Greg Arnove is Board Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy Law. Only about 1% of attorneys in Texas are Board Certified in their area of practice.

Because We Are The Heroes

Everything is out office is about getting you the result you want with the service you deserve. You can make your own appointment online, no long packets to fill out, highly skilled attorneys who empathize and explain, and responsive attorneys who answer questions in a timely manner.

We solve stressful financial problems...