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Will I Lose My House And Car If I File For Bankruptcy?

Many uncertainties go along with filing for bankruptcy. How much is life about to change? The process can be complex and confusing, and many misconceptions exist when it comes to bankruptcy. What happens to the filing party‚Äôs house and car? Do they lose these possessions, or can they maintain ownership and possession of them throughout … Read more

Bankruptcy Attorneys Can Help You Determine If Filing Is Right for You

If you have lost a primary source of income or become overwhelmed by debts and basic living expenses, consulting bankruptcy attorneys can help. Filing bankruptcy can be challenging and confusing since most people do not understand the process. An attorney can help you decide if filing for bankruptcy is the right course of action and, … Read more

Should I File for Divorce or Bankruptcy?

Money is easily one of the biggest causes for divorce as finances can make or break a marriage. It should not be surprising that divorce and bankruptcy are often connected. One either precedes the other or shortly follows. Many couples wonder if they should wait to file for bankruptcy together before going towards divorce, or … Read more

If I Am Facing Bankruptcy, Will I Need To See A Judge?

The term Bankruptcy Court does not always mean what it does in the traditional sense of Court. Like any other legal proceedings, a Judge does oversee the bankruptcy process. However, the debtor will not need to appear before a Judge. The bankruptcy attorney may need to appear before the judge if certain circumstances arise, but … Read more

3 Qualities to Look For in a Bankruptcy Attorney

You’ve struggled for a long time to pay your bills, but the debts keep piling up. It’s time to consider filing for bankruptcy and finding a bankruptcy attorney in McKinney, TX. You want an attorney that knows their stuff and has the right credentials. While one may look fantastic on paper, other things might make … Read more

The Consequences of Bankruptcy and How to Recover Your Finances

Bankruptcy is the determination of the debts one has and whether or not to discharge them. While the result immediately grants legal freedom from paying those accumulated bills, other consequences come with filing for bankruptcy in Dallas, TX. While it may help your situation, it also may hurt it; those who are considering filing for … Read more

Repayment Options for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Explained

When facing the possibility of filing bankruptcy, one must choose between the chapter 7 and chapter 13 options, depending on their situation. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the “reorganization” chapter in which the debtor maintains control over their assets while gradually repaying their debts through a three to five-year payment plan. Contrarily, Chapter 7 bankruptcy traditionally … Read more